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Alumnae Experience

Alumnae Experience

A Letter from our Vice President of Alumnae Relations

Hi everyone!

My name is Keara Walsh and I am the Vice President of Alumnae Relations for Sigma Kappa Alpha Mu Chapter at the University of Michigan. This position has allowed me to form deeper connections with my peers and alumnae members than I ever could have hoped for. As I organize events and contact both current and alumnae members, I have found a strong sense of community and people that are dedicated to serving our sisterhood. Within my chapter, specifically, I plan a week in dedication to and in celebration for the graduating senior class each year. This has been one of my favorite parts of my role and experience through Sigma Kappa. Senior Week is beautiful and special as it is the final time an entire member class comes together as a grade, allowing them to be able to remember and reflect upon all of the lifelong memories, relationships, lessons and opportunities Sigma Kappa has brought to them. Being at the forefront of this event, I was able to truly witness the impact of our sisterhood. Learning that although we will all inevitably graduate and go our separate ways, we must also remember that we will always have the bond and support of our sisters whenever we so need. Through this position and the incredible connection of so many amazing alumnae, I have been able to learn more about Sigma Kappa and my specific chapter. One reason alumnae relations are so important is because of the values and principles we hold as Sigma Kappa members; alumnae represent unity and sisterhood for each chapter, becoming a vital part to the future success of our sorority. The principles and values set by our founders have remained constant throughout time. In order to live by, uphold these values, and develop our chapters, we must look to our alumnae and learn from their past experiences and triumphs. 

Please feel free to reach out to me at if you have any questions or wish to get involved with our chapter! 


Keara Walsh

Vice President of Alumnae Relations